Why choose holistic skin care?

Why choose holistic skin care? 1

Or what I want to share with you by creating the Almavera Natural Skincare holistic skin care concept, products and recommended skin care steps: Your skin starts to breathe. Your skin receives a real natural contribution of the full spectrum of the plant – real antioxidants (not synthesized in laboratories), minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, phytoelements, […]


Ethos 2

Almavera Natural Skincare Holistic botanical oils and whole-plant organics for healthy skin and beauty. Naturally restoring the balance and harmony of skin. A gift of pure nature! I, Veronika, founder, formulator and holistic facial practitioner of Almavera Natural Skincare, share researches and natural solutions from traditional use to scientific data to improve the condition, health […]

The Skin Microbiome

The Skin Microbiome 3

Did you know that along with our gut microbiome our skin has a microbiome of its own?  What role does it play in our wellbeing and beauty? The microbiome is the genetic material of all the microbes – bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses – that live on and inside the human body. These invisible little […]

Short history of oils

Short history of oils 4

The use of botanical oils in beauty and vitality has been known for thousands of years. The oils and essential oils were used for rituals, meditation, therapeutic purposes, as well as for caring and beauty and perfume purposes, both physically and mentally. Plants have all the power that humans need. Plant oils and extracts, infusions, […]

Do oils hydrate the skin?

Do oils hydrate the skin? 5

Oils bring the moisture to the skin, but not the water itself! Like other anhydrous lipids (substances that don’t contain water, like butters, waxes). Oils are highly beneficial to the skin as they are great natural emollients and occlusive as they nourish, lubricate and form a protective lipid barrier on the surface of the skin […]

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