• Begin multireflexology treatment with the YANG brush. Massage the indicated area in small circles for about 2 minutes to relax the facial muscles.
  • Once the area is relaxed, roll the YIN cylinder over it for 2 minutes. This nourishes and rebalances blood flow.
  • The process can be repeated up to three times.

 With the Beauty-brush nº252 roll its YIN cylinder from time to time to calm the ardor in a yin way while increasing the natural hydration of the skin.

The multireflex tools boost the process of microcirculation of the treated area and stimulate -in the brain- the reflection of the organ or member that you want to treat. 

Directions for care

Treat & use with care, as it is complete natural material and handmade tool!

  • Soap or/ lemon and water
  • Can be exposed to light alcohols 
  • Do not soak or use harsh chemicals 

Horn is strong, however it can soften and deform on contact with hot water. Use a chamois cloth to keep the shine.

This brush and roller combination takes your skincare regime to the next level. Its brush feature feels pleasurable on areas with tougher, thicker skin because it naturally releases tension while softening the texture. Its main benefits are for facial massage, release fascia, stimulate natural skin glow, smooth and fill in deeper wrinkles and remove heat from the red skin. Our preferred tool for thin and delicate skin types.

Multi-reflexology is a holistic non-invasive technique, which is innovative and very effective also in beauty care. With these natural hand tools is possible to stimulate specific areas of the face in order to put our self-regulation process to work. We get immediate results thanks to the proximity of the face and brain.

Small Brush and smooth cylinder

  • YANG: Place the brush flat onto the skin. Perform gentle, circular motions in either direction to increase stimulation and reduce muscular tensions. Use long sweeping strokes in one direction on the skin to release fascia 
  • YIN: Roll back & forth with brass cylinder in both directions with moderate pressure over the wrinkles and areas of tension. 
  • Can be used at either 45º or 90º angle



  • brush: for deeper wrinkles, nervous system, overthinking, worries 
  • cylinder: for soften wrinkles, release tension, calm the mind


EYEBROW: Hormone balancing, release tension, painful period, dry eyes, sagging eyelids


  • brush: Breast/ovaries, strengthen Qi, dark circles, tone skin
  • cylinder: disperse fluids, hydrate skin, fine lines

NASAL LABIA: Immune system, large intestine, leg cellulite, heavy lines, adrenals

ZYGOMA: shoulder tension, pigmentation, face lift

PAROTID: Lymph movement, hormonal acne, TMJ/bruxism, saliva

Multi-reflexology offers even the release of our natural chemicals as serotonin, endorphin, etc. that maintains not only a good contentment but also regulates anxiety and insomnia. By impacting our inner balance we can get better results and gain in outer beauty! A very effective holistic technique that deeply rejuvenate the aesthetic beauty.

The real multi-reflex tools are handcrafted and ethically produced in Vietnam, the home of the original multi-reflexology – Dien Chan method. Created using sustainable materials in a safe and fair work environment. 

  • Stainless steel – highest quality
  • Brass – material of the cylinder- skin healing material
  • Natural horn – used for centuries because of its natural healing and high vibrational properties. Is great for all parts in direct contact with the skin. Its biological antiseptic properties do not disturb skin’s natural microbiome. Unlike polluting plastics, real horn does not generate disturbing static electricity and do not disrupts the skin flora and environment.

The horn is sourced in Uganda, Africa from local cattle farmers from the traditional agricultural sector. No animal has suffered or is raised for its horns!

Multi-reflexology tool, Beauty-brush

Beauty-brush nº252


This is the essential multireflexologys beauty tool for giving a toning massage at any time. Ideal for combating skin blemishes and fatigue and for the face with thin and delicate skin!

For facial use, the marbling of its genuine horn handle allows you, in any situation, to take this health gem out of the bag.

This “mini-brush and smooth cylinder” combination pushes the boundaries of your “beauty and well-being” treatments.

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Skin care


  • Fine Line Reduction – roll the YANG ball then follow with rolling the YIN ball
  • Acne Relief – roll the YIN ball then YANG ball over the affected area
  • Acne and Blemishes Scar Reduction – roll the YANG ball over the damaged region then YINN ball
  • Rosacea – roll the YIN ball in the area of inflammation (2 min x 3 times a day)
  • Sun spots – roll the YIN ball over the affected are


  • Increased Energy – roll the YANG ball over the entire face 
  • Reduce Anxiety and Stress – roll the YIN ball on the forehead area
  • Sinus Drainage – roll YANG ball then YIN ball on the outside of the nose and cheek area

Keep it in the bag to use whenever you feel a drop in energy! 

Just roll!

Keep your tool at a 45° angle, roll back and forth in any direction with short, quicker strokes and light pressure. Listen to your skin and body, they will tell you the path to your own wellness.

Step1: Yang-end (in natural horn) – increase microcirculation of blood flow and oxygen delivery. Rebalance layers of the skin with detoxification. Increase permeation of products. The yang effect warms, activates, tones and energises.

Step2: Yin-end – distribute natural collagen to fill wrinkles, scars.. Irrigate the dermis and soften skin textures. It offers calm, refresh and natural cooling by naturally dispersing and hydrating, balances the fluids and drains any excess.

Works perfectly in combination with our luxury Prickly Pear seed oil or Immortelle nectar of rejuvenation oil serum for a deeper skin rejuvenation!

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