Short history of oils

The use of botanical oils in beauty and vitality has been known for thousands of years. The oils and essential oils were used for rituals, meditation, therapeutic purposes, as well as for caring and beauty and perfume purposes, both physically and mentally.

Plants have all the power that humans need. Plant oils and extracts, infusions, etc. are a fantastic way to protect the skin from the various harmful effects of the environment, stressors and different climate factors. They provide the skin with necessary nutrients so that it can heal itself as a part of nature and remain harmonious, healthy, beautiful at all ages.

As an ancient Ayurveda rule suggests — if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. For the skin to receive the most benefits, the care products should be pure, organic, cold-pressed and unrefined, and as raw as possible.

There was a time when plant oils were not so contemporary anymore and the mineral oil gained popularity. But as the mineral oil (a byproduct of the petroleum) is usually considered non-pore clogging oil and a neutral ingredient, it doesn’t do anything good for your skin and body, and neither for the environment, as it is not biodegradable.  It only creates an illusion of a real skin smoothness.  It’s does not absorb into the skin — its molecular size is simply too big. As a result, mineral oil remains on the surface of skin, making it a reflector of the sun, which can lead to even more sun damage and discoloration.

Have you found the best and nutritious botanical oil for your skin type and needs?

What are your favourite oils in beauty care? For what purpose do you use them?


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