Why choose holistic skin care?

Or what I want to share with you by creating the Almavera Natural Skincare holistic skin care concept, products and recommended skin care steps:

  • Your skin starts to breathe.
  • Your skin receives a real natural contribution of the full spectrum of the plant – real antioxidants (not synthesized in laboratories), minerals, fatty acids, vitamins, phytoelements, and other healing plant elements, thus deeply nourishing, moisturizing, and protecting.
  • You’ll be supporting an ethical and sustainable ingredient harvesters, producers and suppliers, as well as us as a small but mindful skincare brand (a lot of time and effort goes into searching for the best, purest, highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients – one of key values!).
  • You will give your skin only the freshest and highest quality cold-pressed (!) and unrefined (!) botanical oils, organic or wildcrafted organics for the most benefit for your skin from the plants (99,8% of our product ingredients are organically certified!).
  • Your skin care will be free from: synthetic ingredients, petroleum and petroleum byproducts, emulsifiers, fillers, SLS, SLeS, GMO, synthetic fragrances (perfumes),  and preservatives.
  • Everything we put on the skin goes deeper into the body. If we use something, it has to be truly natural and valuable. Almavera Natural Skincare is exactly that!
  • Your skin starts to regain its balance and harmonizes itself. If your skin is oily or problematic, it will harmonize and become balanced with the steps I offer and the products of our holistic and truly natural skin care line! But note the consistency is a key!
  • Your skins microbiome receives support and reinforcement to continue or restore its vital role in skin health, well-being and beauty!
  • You learn to know and listen to the true needs of your skin. Your own skin supports its natural self-healing ability, it is not infantile and naked. It is the largest human organ and our body is self-renewing, provided that we exclude everything that interferes with it and we give it appropriate support so that it does everything needed!
  •  Your skin becomes self-sufficient again.
  •  Your wrinkles and acne scars reduce.
  • You learn about the extremely important role of the skin-intestinal tract-brain-heart / emotion connections.
  • When you intentionally apply these plant oils with the pure awareness of having pleasure, you give yourself an absolutely essential self-presence, attention, caresses and love in exchange for radiating skin!
  •  You really enjoy having just a few skincare products.
  • Your bathroom shelf and cosmetic bag/make up case has products that are really beautifully presented, because why not?:).
  • You have a chance to return the Miron Violet glass packaging or reuse it after finishing a product, for example, by storing valuable plant elements, teas, etc. in the Clean Mud jar. It will naturally retain an impressive amount of freshness for a long time and it will not require any preservatives. More on it here.
  • You apply the freshest of the face creams on your face, following the recommended steps:
    1. moist skin (hydrolate, flower water or tea toner) and
    2. oil product, and
    3. for extra softening – pure, unrefined, organic pea-sized shea butter or herbal balm.
  • Along with your order of the oil or oils, you get a gift that includes special instructions and herbs for making your own skin tea toner or tea compress at home that can be used instead of flower water or hydrolat, in that way getting directly acquainted with the power of plants in hydrating the skin yourself.
  • Your knowledge about holistic skin care as a harmonious care of skin expands!
  • You learn to gently but completely naturally and effectively cleanse the skin with plant oils and plant powders, helping the skin to return to its own balance which is an excellent method specially for acne-prone skin! All you need is a clean face towel or cloth to change every or every other day and an access to clean water.
  • Your skin becomes silky, rejuvenates, the skin tone improves, the pores reduce, the skin truly radiates and is deeply nourished, as well as is protected from environmental pollution and also gets natural protection from the harmful effects of the sun (of course, if you stay in it for responsibly long periods and take care of gut health with natural, unprocessed diet).
  • You will get know with original facial reflexology – multireflexology Dien Chan power  in skin care and with its ethical, handmade, and natural massage tools. It naturally cares of the skin resulting in a more face-body-internal organ-being state of harmony, bringing the natural beauty from inside out! You will become your own healer.
  • You can integrate our products into both home and professional facials and spa practises. For offers of cooperation write: [email protected]


Everything in Almavera Natural Skincare is made from the heart and a deep personal knowledge and experience of the properties of each ingredient, its origin and story, as well as  harmonious functioning of the skin and each product offered has deep added value, even if it consists of only one raw material

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